NPORS is a nationally recognised plant qualification and demonstrates an individual has the skills and competence required to operate particular machinery. Prime Qualification are accredited with NPORS and are able to deliver training in a variety of plant categories:

The type of NPORS training required and the cost will be dependent on the individual, their level and their experience. Please contact the office direct so we can recommend the right training for you.

NPORS Cards 

NPORS Trained Operator Card 

This card is best suited for those operating in the construction sector who require CSCS accreditation.

Once delegates have completed their NPORS training and a CITB Health, Safety & Environmental touch screen test, they can apply for a red NPORS Operator card. This is valid for 2 years.

To obtain the blue card which is valid for 5 years, delegates must complete a relevant plant NVQ whilst their red card is still in date.

NPORS Competent Operator Card 

If you are an existing NPORS card holder and have completed the NVQ you can apply for the blue Competent Operator card. This card is valid for 5 years and can be renewed by completing a refresher NPORS test and ensuring your CITB Health, Safety & Environmental touch screen test pass is up to date.

NPORS Traditional Operator card

This card is for those who don’t require the CSCS accreditation and who may be operating outside of the construction sector. Cards expire 2 or 5 years from the date of the initial assessment – expiry is depending on sector specific/company requirements.

Delegates choosing this option will not be required to undertake an NVQ and do not need to complete a CITB Health, Safety & Environmental touchscreen test

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